I love my Davinci IQ2 vaporizer. It has a nice balanced weighted feeling that makes you feel like you’ve got something special in your hand. It’s satiny to the touch. Davinci has made a vaporizer that is easy to love. This cannabis flower vaporizer, the Davinci IQ2, offers a winning combination of great draw, good looks, and a nice feel in hand. You’ll feel like a million bucks using the Davinci.

The Davinci IQ2 has the best draw of any flower vaporizer I’ve ever tried (this review will get updated if I ever find a better one). I just love everything about this vaporizer – from the way it draws to the way it feels in my hand. It’s easy to use, with plenty of options.

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer: Superb Styling

The Davinci IQ2The IQ2 fits in the palm of my (smallish) hand. It’s nicely weighted, so it balances equally. I sometimes pick it up just to feel its silky and curved weight in my hand. Mine is slate blue and appeals to my need for calming colors. The IQ2 is a classy vaporizer and makes a great birthday or holiday gift for my flower-loving friends.

Davinci IQ2’s Best Features

How Well Does the IQ2 Work?

The IQ2’s draw is its sweet spot and what made me fall in love with the IQ2. Its draw is fully customizable using a dial/wheel. My draw is always cool and with the wheel adjustment I can really power it up when I want.

There are four temperature levels making it easy for me to fine-tune my buzz. I learned by experimenting with my IQ2 what worked for me. But through my research for this article, I learned temperature adjustments allow you to target different terpenes.

With the draw and temperature being completely customizable, IQ2 elevates the vape experience to an unparalleled degree.

The Mechanics of the IQ2

While the IQ2 holds a charge pretty well, one still does need to charge it! Grabbing your closet USB micro charger does the trick. There’s nothing proprietor about the charging system. And thank the Goddesses for this small nudge towards fewer electronic cable cords in my home.

One feature I just love about the IQ2 is how it loads. It has a stainless slight funneling system that allows you to load your flower into the oven chamber a bit easier. It’s a little less messy than filling than most other flower vaporizers.

What Can be Improved?

The Davinci IQ & IQ2 vaporizers have been around a while. Newer high-end vaporizers are convection vaporizers, but they are not portable – they are desktop models. The Davinci product line is made up of conduction vaporizers. While this conduction vaporizer is incredibly sweet (the draw is soft and not harsh), I’d love to see a portable convection vaporizer. Right now, the IQ2 is the best conduction vaporizer on the market.

Do you have feedback on your Davinci IQ2 vaporizer?

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