About The Xander Report.

The Xander Report’s mission

The Xander Report supports small/medium independent businesses by guiding shopping experiences towards high-quality, independent businesses.

The Xander Report supports shopping local.

The Xander Report supports small, independent shops that are doing good. It’s really this simple. And not just in the cannabis orbit, but across all ecosystems.

It’s our core belief that small businesses are the solution to just about everything. From climate change mitigation to creating a sustainable change in social equity. We as a society can change the outcome by reducing our overall reliance on big business. Only this, a movement to support small businesses, can grow our middle class. We, as a people, can bring about real change.

It’s The Xander Report’s ambition to increase people’s exposure to great small/medium and local businesses and decrease reliance on big business.

Shop local with increased confidence.

Some people shy away from purchasing from small businesses because they are unsure of the quality of service or products. The Xander Report seeks to reduce or eliminate this concern by offering current information about local businesses that may not be found elsewhere.

The Xander Report’s pages are all about local dining, activities, culture, and shopping. No Abb Arbor franchises or national chains will be reviewed. Not even if it’s owned by a friend. 😉

People, place, and profit.

We’re on the ground floor in a new legal industry – cannabis. Let’s take a beat and do it differently this time around, from the ground up. Let’s ask for more integrity and build an industry that respects the three Ps – People, Place, and Profit. Let’s not put people and place ahead of profits, but on the same tier.

In this case, let’s:

  • People: Take care of our employees with generous pay, do not discriminate in our hiring practices, and treat them kindly.
  • Place:
    Let’s use natural and earth-friendly grow techniques.
    Let’s rely much less on pesticides and chemicals to grow our cannabis.
    Let’s use less plastic.
    Let’s be conscientious about how we package and bag our products.
  • Profits: Will not be at the expense of people & place.

The Xander Report’s promise, AKA meeting The Xander standard.

We will only recommend products, services, or activities that we have personally experienced and have met The Xander Standard. Our recommendations are independently produced and without influence, other than a little cannabis.

Our Ask

If you would like to recommend a small business for our Report, please let us know.